Mostly White Congregations does not mean Racism.

The many statements of racism being systemic in predominantly white churches are not accurate in my (white) opinion. The references frequently in PC(USA) conversations online, and even on some TV Christian sermons of other denominations, contain this attitude, seemingly based upon the preponderance of white people, sometimes 90%, in some congregations, like ours. We are open to anybody, and have been for decades. We have had African-American Elders, and there is no discrimination going on.

A black preacher on TV (not PCUSA) speaking recently to his 99% black congregation, referred to the lack of white people in his congregation as indicative of racist attitudes – by we whites of course. It wouldn’t dawn on him that the absence of many black worshipers in our service could be seen the same way in reverse.

It’s the same faulty racial view that shows up in so many places, in and out of our denomination. My reply is, why don’t the African-Americans come to the predominantly white churches in larger numbers? The answer is the style of service, the sermon content and delivery style, the hymns (traditional, gospel, contemporary). It is apparent to me that different races and nationalities prefer their own style of worship, as they do in music, literature, movies, and all other cultural expressions.

We have a Ghanian service held in our meeting hall every Sunday afternoon. It has the style of preaching and music, and even some language mixes, that they prefer. Fine.
White people are entitled to their own tastes in culture, including worship, as are other races.